About Me

Hello, my name is Elita.
I am a Professional Certified Groomer.
As a groomer I see pups coming to visit me all day, along with the harnesses,
collars and leashes that they wear. Usually they fit poorly, are bulky, difficult to
put on and very confusing. When a harness comes in S, M, L, and your dog is
between sizes, what do you do?

It is the reason I came up with my own brand, design and idea to make owner’s
and pet’s lives easier. A harness that is adjustable in the neck and chest area.
What can be better? How about a cute design and ID tag?

I hope you and your pooch enjoy this incredible invention like mine do.
Plus they are machine washable and water resistant, with matching breathable air
mesh. And are California designed, by a California girl.